Supplier relationship management

SRM manages the exchange of information between the customer and their suppliers in order to achieve a permanent and sustainable improvement in delivery quality and reliability. 
Promitea offers a complex and structured SRM which:

  • expands the supplier base by inclusion of the best new suppliers
  • evaluates the suppliers automatically by numerous powerful and objective criteria
  • improves supplier performance 
  • extends the evaluation to all suppliers without significant effort

The essential in four minutes

Procurement marketing

The goal of procurement marketing is the permanent scanning of global supplier markets and the identification of new potential suppliers. It aligns the supplier base to the best and most innovative suppliers. 

Promitea offers its own database for generation and maintenance of an unlimited number of suppliers and their master data. This database can be extended by the ERP master data as well as by using external resources like Kompass, a database with master data from more than 10 million suppliers worldwide. An additional data source could be the self-registration of suppliers approaching Promitea through its supplier portal.

Supplier portal

The supplier portal effectively supports an automatic gathering of information about new potential suppliers as well as communication between the customer and its suppliers. 

The portaI is set up under the customer's own domain through Promitea or integrated into the buyer's website. It contains the basic parameters of the customer's upcoming purchasing projects, which can be viewed by any supplier.


The Promitea onboarding feature offers: 

  • Self-registration of the suppliers. After logging into the supplier portal, the supplier enters their basic data in the browser according to the customer's specifications.
  • ISQ (Initial Supplier Qualification). After entering the self-registration data, the supplier provides the customer with additional data according to enriched customer specifications. This data enables the initial and automatic evaluation of all new suppliers. 

Supplier Evaluation

This supplier evaluation quantifies the performance of the suppliers by aggregating their match with additional and detailed evaluation criteria beyond ISQ. Promitea distinguishes between hard and soft facts as well as quantitative and qualitative criteria. 

Promitea takes hard fact data from the customer's ERP systems or receives them from the suppliers according to the customer's specifications. The soft facts supplement the customer's technical departments.

Promitea standardizes and weighs all provided data and aggregates it automatically to a final evaluation. 

Supplier development

The supplier evaluation classifies the suppliers into performance classes predefined by the customer, such as strategic, prioritized, approved or non-approved suppliers. The customer invites selected suppliers to the Supplier Development process, consisting of agreed upon improvement targets and associated measures.

The customer and the suppliers use a communication system with rule-based workflow, which coordinates the goals and measures between them by exchanging relevant data and documents. It permanently supervises the improvement processes.