We’ll accompany you the entire way of your digital procurement transformation. 

For this purpose we offer the following services:


We are happy to take over the entire execution of your procurement projects or in parts, as you wish. 

Our consulting offer extends the current analysis to the planning of the comprehensive digital transformation of your procurement and its implementation. 

We achieve the best results by working in groups consisting of your experts and our consultants. Thus, we combine your in-depth knowledge of your company-specific ecosystem and procurement environment with our know-how of the latest methods and tools.


  • Analysis of your procurement with regard to material and process costs, as well as supplier-related categories 
  • Introduction of a standard classification system
  • Organizational changes to your procurement through the use of rule-based workflows
  • Choice of the most efficient strategies for sourcing
  • Optimal adjustment of your SRM for sustainable improvement of the supplier structure


Before you start introducing Promitea, we offer general and specific training for the individual Promitea modules. 

The training requirements vary depending on the module and the available know-how. For example, a one-day training for experienced purchasers is sufficient for the Sourcing module in order to work effectively with the system immediately. 

The complete use of SRM requires more intensive training. 

Experience has shown that the introduction of catalog based procurement needs a training for the individual requesters in the range of a few hours but organizational changes require a specific project. 

Our training experts take over the training themselves. In addition, we cooperate with training providers who have many years of experience in procurement consulting. 


The introduction of each module requires project work that varies from module to module. It typically consists of:

  • Establishing access to the system
  • Setting parameters related to organizations and roles of individual employees
  • Setting the parameters for controlling the individual workflows
  • Transfer of data from ERP, and other master data
  • Suppliers information
  • Transfer of supplier catalogs to Promitea.

To coordinate this work, it has proved to be a good idea to arrange a workshop between your employees and Promitea consultants. Here the scope of the work is assessed and a decision is made about which work you would like to take on yourself and which tasks Promitea should preferably take on. 

If required, Promitea can carry out the entire implementation, including project management.


You can reach our support on weekdays from 8:00 to 17:00.under

Our experienced support staff will be happy to help you in German, English and Czech. Other languages by request.

The support consists of:

  • Help Desk (1st level support) for operating errors or general knowledge questions. Our Help Desk is either offered as part of the annual usage fee or for a fixed fee per quarter of an hour or part thereof.
  • Telephone consultation for optimal adjustment of Promitea parameters in the current purchasing project.
  • General advice on the phone or as a webinar.

You can also attend our regular seminars online or in our office.