News in version 3.11: Improved features for suppliers

Complete list of news in version 3.11

Preparing a bid in Excel

Suppliers can prepare the bid in Excel. First, they export the file by clicking the "Export" button in the "Prepared bid" column.

In the Excel file, the supplier fills in the columns marked in yellow. If the evaluation criteria need to be fill in, where there is a choice of several values, it is necessary to click on the arrow next to the relevant cell, expand and select the value.

Then the supplier clicks on the "Import" button in the column "Prepared bid" and selects the file to be imported.

The bid is ready to be sent in the bidding room. After checking, the supplier clicks on "Submit bid".

Entering an alternative item in the bidding room

If the project manager has permitted the possibility of submitting a bid for alternative items, the column "Name of alternative" will be displayed in the bidding room.

After clicking on the icon , the following window will open.

After filling in the supplier clicks on the "Save" button. The name of the alternative is then displayed in the bidding room.

Copy the value of the evaluation criterion to all items

If the tender contains many items with the same evaluation criterion and the supplier will enter the same value, he has the option to copy it.

The supplier fills in the value of the evaluation criterion with the first item and click on the icon .

To confirm, click on "Yes" and the value of the criterion will be copied to all items with this evaluation criterion.

Possibility to select a recipient to send the message to

If the supplier sends a general message to the purchaser (it is created after clicking on the envelope in the main menu), he can choose a specific recipient from the purchaser to whom the message will be delivered.

Possibility to create a document

The supplier has the option to insert the document into the application without the purchaser asking him to do so in advance. In the main menu, he clicks on "Documents" and then on the "+Create" button the following form opens. The supplier selects the document type and uploads it by clicking on the "File" button at the bottom of the form. If necessary, he fills in the data on its validity. Then he clicks on the "Save" button and if the document is subject to approval, he confirms it by clicking "Yes" to send it for approval.