News in version 3.11: Improved features in the SOURCING module

Complete list of news in version 3.11

Defining the name of the tender phase

There is now a new "Name" field in the tender phase setting form. Here you can enter your own name for this phase.

The name is then displayed after the abbreviation of the relevant phase.

Copying evaluation criterion to all items

You will use this new feature in tenders in which there are many items and you need to create the same evaluation criterion for each item. You proceed by selecting "Evaluation criteria" in the left menu of the project and creating it by default using the "+Create" button. Then select it and click on the button to the right "Copy to all items".

The evaluation criterion is copied to all items.

Adjustments in the bidding room

If you have checked "Cherry picking" in the phase settings, the "Number of bids" column will appear in the evaluation for greater clarity. The number and status of invitations are now also displayed in the bidding room.

If there are a large number of items and suppliers in the bidding hall, the evaluation may be confusing. To fix the first column and row, first click on the icon . After the menu hall opens in a new window, click on the icon .

Sending a notification to the supplier after changing the project settings

If you change project setting, a notification will be sent to the supplier if you specify the changes.

After returning to bidding, please specify the changes you have made. If you require the supplier to rework his bid, check the box "Send bids to reworking" and fill in "Specification of changes". The supplier will then be informed by e-mail notification. If you do not want the notification to be sent to the supplier, do not fill in the "Specification of changes" field.

This information will then be sent to the supplier via e-mail notification.

Items report

In the "Items report", you will find a list of items from all tender statuses, information on, for example, their quantity, current purchase price, winning price or supplier.

You can compile the report from the columns on the following screen. There is a possibility of filtering and exporting to Excel.