News in version 3.10: New module CENTRAL PURCHASING

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The purchaser collects the requests of the partners. He associates these requests and creates a project for the selection of the supplier of the requested items.

The project can consist of any number and any combination of phases.

The first phase is a request (may be non-binding). This is followed by phases of project for suppliers RFI (Request for Information) and/or RFQ (Request of Quotation).

The project partners are then informed under what conditions the requested items can be purchased. Based on this information, they create a binding order.

After the binding order, the purchaser will announce the next phase(s) of the project, it can be an English, Japanese or Dutch reverse auction. Phases can be repeated.

The purchaser can also choose the way in which his partners immediately enter a binding request. The next phases are aimed at obtaining a reliable supplier who will deliver the items under the most advantageous conditions.

Items requested by partners

Phase RFQ - supplier selection

Thanks to the collecting of partner orders in the Central Purchasing module, there is a large volume of purchases and thus significant savings.