Strategic Toolkit

Promitea offers strategic tools (document templates) that are used in purchasing. They help in the preparation of purchasing strategies, negotiation and crisis management.

Procurement crisis

The document is used for the purpose of communication between purchasing and top management in times of crisis. The aim of the report is to inform top management in a structured and concise way about the current challenges facing purchasing, their development over time, proposed measures, what purchasing really needs and what other challenges need to be on the radar.

Negotiation planner

The document is used to prepare the negotiations between the purchasing department and the supplier. In the document, the purchasing manager analyses the current situation and prepares a detailed plan for the negotiations.

Meeting notes

The document is intended to record the purchase negotiations with the supplier.

Commodity handbook

The document is used to summarize key information about the commodity being purchased and key purchasing methods. It can help in the preparation of purchasing strategy, negotiation.

Request for price increase

The document will help you summarize the business case clearly and reflect on the optimal approach to managing a suppliers request for a price increase.